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Calling Puerto Rico


“Calling Puerto Rico”, a play written by Juan Ramirez Jr. of New York, telling the story of a grandfather and grandson separated by an ocean while Hurricane Maria is about to devastate the island, a drama, comedy, and love tale. A portion of all ticket sales will go towards a Puerto Rican non-profit organization that is helping with recovery efforts after Hurricane Fiona.

The world premier was Directed/Produced by Pa'lante Theater Company and staged at the award winning Seven Angels Theater in Waterbury, CT, in February 2023.    Due to popular demand this show will not tour Connecticut/New England in order to bring the message of Hope and Love thorugh loss.  

Directed by Rafeal Feliciano-Roman.

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“The depiction of Hurricane Maria and its aftermath is intense and heartbreaking. From NYC to PR to ISS, this play will take you on a powerful journey. ” -Daniel Repp


“This play hits hard. I was on the edge of my seat waiting breathlessly for the hurricane to come as these wonderful characters play out their relationships with humor and love. I was not ready for that gut-punch. ” -David Davila


“Hurricane Maria was one of the most devastating storms in history and this play boldly, but gently takes you to the "eye of the storm." You will feel dread, loneliness, anticipation, desperation, and even hope. I still think about this play every time a new hurricane is about to make landfall. Beautiful work! ” -Nilsa Reyna

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