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Friday June 16, 2023 7:00 pm

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Color of Love
Natasha C Smith *  2023 * United States * 11 minutes * WORLD PREMIERE *

"Color of Love" is an inspiring short film that follows the story of Susan and Andre, a couple from different backgrounds who share a deep love. When their son's life is put in danger, they face incredible challenges that threaten their family's safety and security. 
The Fourth.jpg
The Fourth
Johnny Kirk *  2022 * United States * 11 minutes 

Eager to celebrate the 4th of July, a group of young black and Latino friends experience a police encounter that shatters the meaning of the holiday.
Inmate 2.jpg
Enrique Lebron *  2023 * United States * 14 minutes * WORLD PREMIERE *

Jason has kept the same routine month to month for almost 20 years, writing letters to the daughter he was forced to leave just shy of her second birthday. Given the opportunity to tell himself the truth, he shares a tale of lies and that of a broken system to his bunk mate.
Bodies Will Tumble And Roll
Eli Vazquez *  2022 * United States * 15 minutes 

When a dysfunctional black and Latinx cheer squad are sent to the woods to settle their differences, they must learn to become a team to save their coach from serial killers.
Roberto Sanchez *  2022 * United States * 18 minutes * WORLD PREMIERE* 

Rigo, the new kid in town, finds himself being bullied by some of the local kids. A chance encounter with Miguel, a comic book store owner, introduces Rigo to the vast world of superheroes. But are they fiction or real?
Afro Unidad: Roots & Rebellions
Amir Whitaker *  2022 * United States * 1 hour 3 minutes  
Afro-descendants across eight countries reflect on their roots and culture during an international uprising. Unsatisfied with the limited knowledge about their African heritage, some participate in DNA tests to uncover ancient truths about their ancestors. Afro creatives share reflections from Panama, Jamaica, Peru, the USA, Brazil, Nigeria, Argentina, and South Africa in this documentary about unity. Music and dance across the Afro-diaspora provide a rich flavor and soundscape for the film.
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