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Saturday June 17, 2023 7:00 pm

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May I Take Your Plate 
Martín Solá *  2022 * United States * 5 minutes * WORLD PREMIERE *

A humorous yet uncomfortable glimpse into the life of Martín, an actor of color, as he encounters negative stereotyping during an acting audition.
La Guagua 47
Pedro Escarcega *  2022 * United States * 9 minutes 
La Guagua 47 (the 47 Bus) was inspired by an unforgettable experience Puerto Rican Producer and Creative Director Alba Martinez had in 1985 when she first arrived in Philadelphia. The film tells the story of a young migrant, recently arrived in the big metropolis, who could not find her Latino community and was feeling very alone. One day, she embarks on a journey that changes her life. 
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Rodrigo Sena *  2021 * Brazil * 12 minutes * WORLD PREMIERE *
In a fishing village whose ancestors came from Africa, enslaved, ancient ancestral beliefs and cults remain. Neide (Jari Nass) is a former resident looking for ways to save her business, threatened by the decline of fish due to the oil spill in the region. The relations between the old forms of fishing work and their beliefs are contrasted with the need for collective work.
Beyond the Green Wave.jpg
Beyond the Green Wave
Natalia Perez-Gonzalez *  2022 * United States * 35 minutes 

Amid a battle for exceptions to a total abortion ban, Dominican afro-feminists emphasize the need for a cultural decriminalization of abortion, comprehensive sex education, and the inclusion of rural communities in collective efforts towards reproductive access.
Tomb of the Sea
Andrew Garcia *  2022 * United States * 17 minutes * WORLD PREMIERE* 

In the wake of Fidel Castro's death in 2016, Rosa struggles to cope with her trauma as a Cuban immigrant and single parent in Miami.
Sentir el Son
Karla Bernadette Duarte *  2022 * United States * 18 minutes  

Sentir el Son is a Latino American story of self-discovery. Franchesca, an Afro-Mexican, grew up in L.A. and was immersed in a Mexican culture that forced her into questioning her racial identity. This poetic documentary short explores through the feeling-body the meaning of ethnic and gender identity through West African and Afro-Mexican practices in music, song, and dance.
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