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Films only available to ticket holder who attend the film festival in person get special access to these additional films to watch at home. 
After School Special
Jason Mendoza *  2022 * United States * 15 minutes * WORLD PREMIERE *
A love letter to adolescent friendships and maturing out of the only environment you've ever known. "After School Special" tells the story of local underachievers and lifelong friends, Jabari & Hudson, who's glory days of breakdancing and loitering in parking lots are brought to a halt after an unforeseen hurdle in their friendship emerges. A pizza delivery flyer.
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Sin Padre
Free Rodriguez *  2022 * United States * 33 minutes * World Premiere
A Brooklyn New York native runs a local barbershop in Shibuya, Tokyo. He finds himself financially and socially struggling when a world wide pandemic shuts down the local economy and sends many foreigners back home. Two of his very few clients show up for haircuts and their discussions on fatherhood and the gaijin life in Japan lead him to face his own personal dramas. The possibility of losing his son in a divorce and repeating a past mistake weighs heavy on him.
Catapum: Nowhere to Fall
Palu Abadia *  2022 * Colombia * 1 hour 12 minutes  
From the Colombian coast to New York City, this film is the powerful story of 3 women from 3 generations, who found in the Bullerengue -an ancestral musical tradition-    a way to resist, heal and celebrate life. From their routines and their songs, they tell the story of their lives bringing out themes like race, immigration, legacy, and identity. Their personal experiences converge in a collective memory, offering a narrative of the Colombian armed conflict that honors the reconciling power of music.
Liberation Drills
Juan C. Dávila Santiago *  2022 * Puerto Rico * 2 hours  

"Liberation Drills" is the untold story of the Puerto Rican protest wave of 2016-2019, which culminated with the resignation of governor Ricardo Rosselló.   This documentary is a portrait of Puerto Rico's new fight against US Colonialism.
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